Register a Ride

If you are organising an Impromptu Club Run or a Coffee Morning Ride
You can register the attendees here if they have a Club Registered Bike.

To Complete the Form
  1. Fill in your name
  2. Fill in the date of your ride
  3. Fill in the reason for your ride
  4. Add the names of anyone riding and nominate bike.
  5. Press Submit
  6. Ride Registered and Club Notified.
  7. Enjoy your ride

This will allow compliance with Code 404 - Link to the New Code 404 Revised Handbook

Vehicle owners must confine their vehicle’s use to the following:

         Any recorded event organised by an approved club.

         In normal circumstances, the event should be advertised in your club’s

newsletter, magazine or website; however use of a vehicle participating

in an impromptu event involving one, or more vehicles, may be

acceptable, and must be recorded in your club’s official ‘Run Log’.