16th October 2011 - Club Gymkhanna and AGM - West Swan Oval

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It has taken the Committee a couple of days to find a new location for the AGM and Gymkhana.
We have finally be able to secure the use of the West Swan Oval and Hall.

West Swan Road, West Swan (right across the road from Mash Brewery)

Good facilities, plenty of hard stand, plenty of car parking, children's playground.

EAMC Gymkhana


The EAMC Gymkhana is run as a team’s event; traditionally Harley verses Indian. While other makes of bikes are welcome to attend they will be classified as “other junk” and divided equally between the teams.

Both teams will have access to one pocket rocket to use at their discretion.

All participants must fill in a waiver exempting any liability from the EAMC or the marshals and officials prior to competing.

All events are designed for older machines with foot clutches with an emphasis on bike control rather than speed; hand clutch machines can compete

(although the riders will be mercilessly berated or deemed gay) but will have very little advantage because of the design of the course and events.

Bribing of marshals and officials is frowned upon, but will be overlooked if done discreetly. Monetary bribes are welcome ($10 will buy one point) and all proceeds will go into club funds.

Visually and verbally distracting the other teams is encouraged however bad language is not (one point penalty) and any throwing of cans or projectiles at the other team will not be tolerated and will result in a 1 point penalty.


Individual Events

Slow race

The course is laid out in three lanes one and a half metres wide and approximately twenty metres long.

Three riders must run the length of the course without putting a foot on the ground or straying outside their allotted lanes. The winner is the rider that completes the course in the slowest time without putting a foot down.

Entering of outfits, sidecars or servi cars in this event is frowned upon and any entry of said may be followed by a merciless bagging.

Kick start

This event is open to kick start bikes only. Any electric start machines entering will be deemed gay and automatically disqualified.

The event is run one bike at a time. The winner is the rider who starts his machine the most times in 30 seconds. The engine must stop completely between starts.

Any assistance is frowned upon and the rider disqualified.

It is recommended that the machine be warmed up prior to the event start.

Board ride

This event is run one bike at a time and each rider has three attempts.

The winner is the rider who stays on the board for its full length. In the event of more than one rider completing the course then the rider with the slowest time on the board is deemed the winner.

Lunch and AGM

Make sure you return your proxy forms and your nomination forms

Team Events

Flag race

This is a team event with two lanes and two equally numbered teams. One rider at a time from each team starts at the end of their allotted lane and weaves through the cones to the far end of the lane. At the end of the lane is a container on the ground with a flag in it. The rider picks up the flag and weaves back through the course to the start and passes the flag to the next rider. This rider runs through the course and replaces the flag and returns to the start. This process continues until the whole team has completed the course.

If a rider forgets to pickup or replace the flag he must rerun the course.

The winners are the team that has all riders through with the fastest time.

If a cone is knocked over the rider must stop and stand it up again. The run time will not be logged until all cones are standing.


Le Mans Start Slalom Sprint

Two teams in two lanes. When the flag drops the riders must run to their bike, start it,ride the course while weaving between the cones around the top cone and sprint (straight line) back. Once across the line the next rider runs to his bike, starts it and completes the course. The event is over when all team members have completed the course. If a cone is knocked over the rider must stop and stand it up again. The run time will not be logged until all cones are standing.

Ball kick

The teams are divided into two; half of the team at each end of the course.

The riders ride the course kicking the ball from one end of the course to the other. The ball must not leave the allotted lane or the rider must get off the bike and retrieve the ball, put it back in the lane and restart.

The next rider can not start until the ball crosses the line.

The contest continues until all team members have run the course. 

Back Seat Rider

Two teams with two riders (on foot) at a time (timed event).

The leader is blind folded and directed (a tap on the left or right shoulder) by the back seat rider, The two man teams must traverse the slalom course (up and back), the next group can not start until the first team has crossed the finish line and passed on the handlebars. One point will be lost for every cone that is touched. 

Points for each team will be accumulated over the day. Winners from the individual events can allocate their points to whichever team they prefer, otherwise the points will be allocated based on the brand of machine the winner rides. The winner is the team with the highest points score. Prizes include a pricless engraved trophy to be held until next year’s gymkhana and bragging rights for the year.

Set-up from 7:30 AM

Events from 9:00 AM

: Everyone to make their own way there.

Ride Fee: TBA

Ride Coordinator: Committee Members

Short   Medium   Long

EarlyAmerican MotorcycleClub,
Jan 9, 2012, 7:10 PM
EarlyAmerican MotorcycleClub,
Jan 9, 2012, 7:10 PM