Day3 Queenstown to Hobart -260k

posted Feb 24, 2011, 2:53 AM by EarlyAmerican MotorcycleClub   [ updated Feb 24, 2011, 3:09 AM ]
Woke up early and decided to leave the pack
Jim & Chris hooked in with Nigel from NSW and went to Bronte Park & I headed for Hobart
We will hook up tomorrow at New Norfolk
The Diamond had been pissing oil so I filled her up
Bloody cold. I was wearing every shirt I had and a te shirt as a scarf
Roads were great out of Queenstown but you had to weave thru the dead wombats
More lakes mountains rivers forests and windy roads
Halfway the diamond stopped ..... Petrol !!!
Then the nut on the retard cane off which I fixed with a zip tie
Finally got to Hobart and the diamond was leaving a puddle if oil.  Then the battery shat itself so I have parked her in a car park to sort out tomorrow
Staying in a posh hotel overlooking the bay
A guy helped me push the bike up to a car park and then asked me for a beer
I bought him one of course
The he asked me if I would like to drive a front end loader into an ATM and steal it!!!!!!
I left him at the bar

Words and Pictures By Charlie
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Day 3 Route

 A Diamond feeling a bit rough.......