2011 - Events

16th October 2011 - Club Gymkhanna and AGM - West Swan Oval

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It has taken the Committee a couple of days to find a new location for the AGM and Gymkhana.
We have finally be able to secure the use of the West Swan Oval and Hall.

West Swan Road, West Swan (right across the road from Mash Brewery)

Good facilities, plenty of hard stand, plenty of car parking, children's playground.

EAMC Gymkhana


The EAMC Gymkhana is run as a team’s event; traditionally Harley verses Indian. While other makes of bikes are welcome to attend they will be classified as “other junk” and divided equally between the teams.

Both teams will have access to one pocket rocket to use at their discretion.

All participants must fill in a waiver exempting any liability from the EAMC or the marshals and officials prior to competing.

All events are designed for older machines with foot clutches with an emphasis on bike control rather than speed; hand clutch machines can compete

(although the riders will be mercilessly berated or deemed gay) but will have very little advantage because of the design of the course and events.

Bribing of marshals and officials is frowned upon, but will be overlooked if done discreetly. Monetary bribes are welcome ($10 will buy one point) and all proceeds will go into club funds.

Visually and verbally distracting the other teams is encouraged however bad language is not (one point penalty) and any throwing of cans or projectiles at the other team will not be tolerated and will result in a 1 point penalty.


Individual Events

Slow race

The course is laid out in three lanes one and a half metres wide and approximately twenty metres long.

Three riders must run the length of the course without putting a foot on the ground or straying outside their allotted lanes. The winner is the rider that completes the course in the slowest time without putting a foot down.

Entering of outfits, sidecars or servi cars in this event is frowned upon and any entry of said may be followed by a merciless bagging.

Kick start

This event is open to kick start bikes only. Any electric start machines entering will be deemed gay and automatically disqualified.

The event is run one bike at a time. The winner is the rider who starts his machine the most times in 30 seconds. The engine must stop completely between starts.

Any assistance is frowned upon and the rider disqualified.

It is recommended that the machine be warmed up prior to the event start.

Board ride

This event is run one bike at a time and each rider has three attempts.

The winner is the rider who stays on the board for its full length. In the event of more than one rider completing the course then the rider with the slowest time on the board is deemed the winner.

Lunch and AGM

Make sure you return your proxy forms and your nomination forms

Team Events

Flag race

This is a team event with two lanes and two equally numbered teams. One rider at a time from each team starts at the end of their allotted lane and weaves through the cones to the far end of the lane. At the end of the lane is a container on the ground with a flag in it. The rider picks up the flag and weaves back through the course to the start and passes the flag to the next rider. This rider runs through the course and replaces the flag and returns to the start. This process continues until the whole team has completed the course.

If a rider forgets to pickup or replace the flag he must rerun the course.

The winners are the team that has all riders through with the fastest time.

If a cone is knocked over the rider must stop and stand it up again. The run time will not be logged until all cones are standing.


Le Mans Start Slalom Sprint

Two teams in two lanes. When the flag drops the riders must run to their bike, start it,ride the course while weaving between the cones around the top cone and sprint (straight line) back. Once across the line the next rider runs to his bike, starts it and completes the course. The event is over when all team members have completed the course. If a cone is knocked over the rider must stop and stand it up again. The run time will not be logged until all cones are standing.

Ball kick

The teams are divided into two; half of the team at each end of the course.

The riders ride the course kicking the ball from one end of the course to the other. The ball must not leave the allotted lane or the rider must get off the bike and retrieve the ball, put it back in the lane and restart.

The next rider can not start until the ball crosses the line.

The contest continues until all team members have run the course. 

Back Seat Rider

Two teams with two riders (on foot) at a time (timed event).

The leader is blind folded and directed (a tap on the left or right shoulder) by the back seat rider, The two man teams must traverse the slalom course (up and back), the next group can not start until the first team has crossed the finish line and passed on the handlebars. One point will be lost for every cone that is touched. 

Points for each team will be accumulated over the day. Winners from the individual events can allocate their points to whichever team they prefer, otherwise the points will be allocated based on the brand of machine the winner rides. The winner is the team with the highest points score. Prizes include a pricless engraved trophy to be held until next year’s gymkhana and bragging rights for the year.

Set-up from 7:30 AM

Events from 9:00 AM

: Everyone to make their own way there.

Ride Fee: TBA

Ride Coordinator: Committee Members

Short   Medium   Long

18th September 2011 - Tayla Hancock Memorial Run

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Sunday Morning Ride 9:30am from Jason's Workshop

Meet Jason's Brake and Clutch - 9:30 am
               11 Meliador Way,
               WA, 6056

Ride Fee: $5.00
To be donated to PMH Cancer research

Ride Coordinator: Jason
Back-up trailer: - Yes

Length: Short     Medium     Long

2nd-4th September 2011 - National Machinery Rally at Fairbridge Farm - Over night camp cancelled

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As of Saturday afternoon 3rd of September. There are no confirmed riders

Campsite has been cancelled to to limited response from club members.

Sunday the 4th there will be a ride to Fairbridge Farm. 60 km from Dan Murphy in Kelmscott to Fairbridge Farm

The 13th National Vintage Machinery Rally is to be held at Fairbridge Farm, W.A., on the 2nd to 4th September, 2011.

This is a major national event, planned to be one of the biggest historical events of 2011 in W.A. .. and anything to do with vintage/veteran/antique machinery, vehicles, and farming is welcome to attend.

Fairbridge Farm is located about 80 kms South of Perth, just off the Sth Western Hwy, about 5kms North of Pinjarra and about 25kms East of Mandurah.

Ride co-ordination to be finalised, this will be a camp-over weekend and powered sites have been booked.

Website for Details 

Dan Murphy Kelscott - 8:30 am

Ride Fee: $5.00

Ride Coordinator: Glen or Ric to be confirmed.
Back-up trailer: - No

Length: Short     Medium     Long

14th August 2011 - Coffee Run

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Casual Sunday Morning Ride 8:30am from Caltex Midvale

Weather Permitting

Meet Caltex Midvale - 8:30 am

Ride Fee: $5.00

Ride Coordinator: TBA
Back-up trailer: - No

Length: Short     Medium     Long

17th July 2011 - Sunday Roast Ride

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Alex will lead the ride to Vernon Arms in Baldivis for a traditional Sunday roast.
Nice easy going ride.


Ride Fee: $5.00

Ride Coordinator: Alex

Length: Short     Medium     Long

3rd July 2011 - Coffee Run

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Casual Sunday Morning Ride 8:30am from Caltex Midvale

Weather Permitting

Meet Caltex Midvale - 8:30 am

Ride Fee: $5.00

Ride Coordinator: Mike
Back-up trailer: - No

Length: Short     Medium     Long

4thJune 2011 - Arthur Grady Ride and Display - Fremantle

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Arthur Grady Ride and Display Fremantle Heritage Festival Saturday 4 June

The Arthur Grady Ride and Display will take place on Saturday 4 June 2011.

The order of the Day will be:

·         Assemble Kings Square( also known as St John’s Square) Fremantle from 0900 -1000

·         Ride around Fremantle 1030 – 1100

·         Static Display 1100 – 1400

·         BBQ Lunch from 1130 - supplied by the City of Fremantle.

·         Depart Kings Square 1400

There will be two meeting spots:


Kings Square Fremantle enter Square from intersection of High Street and Queen Street Fremantle  From 0900


Meet at the Hilton Park Bowling Club Sheppard Street Hilton (nearest main intersection Lefroy St and Carrington St)  from 0900

Those wishing to trailer their bikes most of the way, but don’t mind a short ride to the square can park trailers at the Hilton Park Bowling club, then ride down in a group at  0930.

Any one bringing bikes on trailers, in vans or utes that will not be ridden on the day will need to notify Barry O’Byrne on  0418 936 254 for drop off and parking instructions.

The main Ride will commence at 1030 from the Fremantle Town Hall (kings Square) where members will be seen off by the Mayor Fremantle Brad Pettitt.

Dave Weeks is preparing a route sheet for a short ride from the town Hall down to South Beach, returning via the Cappuccino strip for BBQ lunch in the square supplied by the City of Fremantle.

The ride is open to all pre War bikes. However we welcome all bikes for the display in the square.

There will be a section for Pre War near the town Hall, a section for post war bikes up to 1986 then a section for all other bikes.

The City of Fremantle will supply two security guards on the day.

In association with VMCCWA

Link to Website

Confirmation of EAMC Members riding this event to earlyamericanmc@gmail.com so that we can inform City of Fremantle

: Caltex Midvale 0800 for 0830 Departure via the tunnel to Fremantle

Ride Fee: $5.00

Ride Coordinator: Mike

Length: Short    Medium    Long

May 2011 - National Motoring Heritage Day

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The Club will be joining the VMCCWA on a ride that will end at Whiteman Park with a display of Motorcycles.
Sunday the 15th of May 2011.
The EAMC would encourage all members to attend this run.
At the committee meeting it was decided to join the Southern Run
The Southern Run will commence from the Hale Road Clubhouse of the VMCCWA at 10:00 am and will make it way to the Whiteman Park for 11:30 am
The bikes will be on display over the Lunch Period
All members attending are encouraged to wear a EAMC Club Shirt.
You can make your way to meet at the Hale Road Clubhouse for 10:00 am
or you can join members meeting at Caltex Midvale from 9:00 am for a 9:30 departure.
The Club Banner will be on show as well.
RSVP to earlyamericanmc@gmail.com address and indicate whether you will be attending.
The EAMC will put on a BBQ for all attending Members please confirm your attendance for catering or any special requirements.


Ride Fee: $5.00

Ride Coordinator: Glen or Mike   

Length: Short     Medium     Long

April 3rd 2011 - Mike's Optional Ride

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Option 1

Early Start from Caltex Midvale 6:30

Toodyay via Toodyay Rd for breakfast.

Afterwards onto Northam via either the Main road or through Clackline, trip details to be decided later.

Arrive at Northam mid morning and everyone is free to do as they want, watch the race or have a ride around or head off for home.

Watch a bit of the racing and head off around after lunch between 1 and 2.

People can then drift off as they wish or stay and watch the racing, there will be no secured parking.



Option 2

Leave from Caltex Midvale around 8:00 – 8:30

Either via Toodyay or Direct via GE H’way

Arrive at Northam before 10:00 to an allocated area in the Car Show arena, located behind the pit complex.

We will have enough room for all of our bikes, space for the tent or little marquee, room to put up the banner.

The VSCC is asking clubs to remain on display until 4.30pm.

The VSCC is asking for a $5.00 entry which includes a Souvenir program of the day

People can wander off to watch the racing or do there own thing, we can organise ourselves to watch over the bikes (similar to Whiteman Park).

We can load a few chairs and the BBQ onto the trailer or into the wagon and have a club BBQ in the Park (pre purchase meats and salads on Saturday)

We then head off as group around 4:30.


We need to confirmation back to the VSCC by Friday 25th if we are to reserve a spot in the park.

So you will need to let Mike or Glenn know by the 24th March which option you would like to participate in.

Option 1 or Option 2 – it will then be a majority decision with President having the final vote in the event of a tie.


Option 1 – early start b/fast in Toodyay ride to Northam, watch the racing, return at leisure.

Option 2 – Morning start, arrival in Northam before 10:00, BBQ lunch, watch the racing, departure after 4:30.


Glen - glenmca@iinet.net.au

Mike – someozybloke@yahoo.com.au

Northam Flying 50 - Link - VSCC Vintage Sports car Club of WA

Caltex Midvale - Ready to leave at 6:30 am

Ride Fee: $5.00

Ride Coordinator: Mike
Back-up trailer: - Yes

Length: Short     Medium     Long

March 2011 - Events, Rides, Events - Roll-up, Roll-up

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6th March 2011 - EAMC Annual Inspection Day

It's that time of the year again, time for getting the bikes out of the shed and to have them inspected.

Venue: Jason's Brake and Clutch
           11 Meliador Way,
           WA, 6056

No Show Inspection form Available Here

Remember:      No Inspection - No Concessional License

12th - 13th March 2011 - The 37th  Annual Bunbury Two Day Event

Remember how much fun we had last year.

Look at the video from last year - Video

                  Lets do it again this year.
Presented by Indian Harley Club (Bunbury) Inc  - Website

: TBA - generally leave on Friday Mid Morning

Ride Fee: $5.00

Ride Coordinator: Wayne, Andrew, Charlie, Mike, Jim

Length: Short     Medium     Long

20th March - Classic Car Show Whiteman Park

Auto One Classic Car Show

The Council of Motoring Clubs (CMC) of Western Australia and Auto One present the annual Classic Car Show again this March. 

Motoring enthusiasts will be in heaven at this FREE event, as they wander amongst and inspect all the superb vehicles on show at Mussel Pool.

Some of the car clubs exhibiting this year include:

  • Early American Motorcycle Club   
  • Bus Preservation Society of WA    
  • Historic Cycles
  • Ford V8 1949-1959                             
  • Austin, Austin 7, Austin Healy
  • Holden and EH Holden                       
  • Chevrolette
  • Vauxhall                                              
  • Mini Owners Club


Location: Mussel Pool West
Time: 10am - 3.30pm
Cost: Free

Parking : Available at Mussel Pool East. Entry is via Lord Street or Beechboro Road.

All event traffic will exit via Dulwich Street (just follow the signs). Note: Parking is not permitted on any road verges.

 2010 Line-up at Whiteman Park


Meet : TBA - Possible camp over on the Saturday Night to secure our area.
                  Expressions of interest to Glen via the normal means.

Ride Fee: TBA

Ride Coordinator: Wayne, Mike, Glen

Short     Medium     Long

27th March - VMCC Swap Meet at Cannington Showgrounds Gates Open 7:00 am
 Link - Vintage Motor Cycle Club WA

27th March - VAA Swapmeet - Kings Meadow Polo Grounds, Guildford

 Link - Vintage Automobile Association of Western Australia (Inc).

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